Security Services in Washington County, PA, Greene County, PA, & Allegheny County, PA, & Surrounding Areas

Olympia Security Group Provides Professional Security Services

Executive and Dignitary Protection Services: Protection Specialists providing you with personalized and specialized protection anywhere in the country. We can also provide protection even in your hometown from stalkers, jealous ex-boyfriends, and ensuring PFA’s are not violated! Individual or team protection specialists protecting Celebrities, Executives, Government Officials, and anyone seeking specialized protective services. We also provide Executive Protection Escort Services and Covert Operatives Protection Specialists. 

Certified in threat assessments, Olympia Security Group will give an in-depth assessment and consultation on the security and safety of your property, whether it be your place of business, facility, plant, government building, or private residence. After the physical inspection, a written report or assessment is provided with any security updates and safety changes that can be made as part of our security services, Olympia Security Group can provide the installations warranted from the report. Give us a call at (844) 332-3325. We have 24/7 emergency services, so feel free to call at any time.

Our Security Services Include:

  • Personal Security
  • Business Security
  • Facility Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Security Penetration Details
  • Personal Protection from Stalkers
  • Offensive Security Red Teams
  • Personal Protection from Jealous Partners
  • Ensuring PFAs Are Not Violated