Security Services in Washington County, PA, Greene County, PA, & Allegheny County, PA, & Surrounding Areas

Olympia Security Group Provides Professional Security Services

Executive and Dignitary Protection Services: Protection Specialists providing you with personalized and specialized protection anywhere in the country. We can also provide protection even in your hometown from stalkers, jealous ex-boyfriends, and ensuring PFA’s are not violated! Individual or team protection specialists protecting Celebrities, Executives, Government Officials, and anyone seeking specialized protective services. We also provide Executive Protection Escort Services and Covert Operatives Protection Specialists. 

Certified in threat assessments, Olympia Security Group will give an in-depth assessment and consultation on the security and safety of your property, whether it be your place of business, facility, plant, government building, or private residence. After the physical inspection, a written report or assessment is provided with any security updates and safety changes that can be made as part of our security services, Olympia Security Group can provide the installations warranted from the report. Give us a call at (844) 332-3325. We have 24/7 emergency services, so feel free to call at any time.

Our Security Services Include:

  • Financial Investigations
  • Digital and Computer Forensics
  • Active Shooter Drills/Training
  • Offensive Security Red Teams
  • Security Penetration Details
  • Personal Protection from Stalkers
  • Personal Protection from Jealous Partners
  • Ensuring PFAs Are Not Violated

Offering Digital and Computer Forensics

Digital and computer forensics are intricate sciences that require specialized techniques to carefully extract sensitive information without affecting the data itself. Olympia Security Group can help legal firms, corporate organizations, technical advisors, and courts with their investigations using our highly trained professionals and our expertise in digital and computer forensics. We can recover the evidence even if the files are deleted, data is lost due to software corruption, or the drives have been damaged by fire, water, etc.

Expert Financial Investigations Available

Olympia Security Group can provide expert financial investigations. A financial investigation is an analysis of where money comes from, how it is used and how it is moved. Financial investigations, also known as forensic accounting, are used in corporate investigations, theft, money laundering, tax evasions, embezzlement, asset searches, criminal and other types of investigations. Public corruption, health care fraud, terrorist financing, and telemarketing fraud are also uncovered using a financial investigation.

Get Proactive with Active Shooter Drills

We have all seen and heard horrifying news about gun-toting individuals going into schools or businesses and shooting unarmed students, customers, or co-workers. If you are worried about that with your school or business, we can help. Olympia Security Group provides active shooter drills for schools, corporate organizations, and others in Washington, PA, and the surrounding area.

We provide preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to proactively handle the threat of an active shooter. Whether it is an attack by an individual or a group, Olympia Security Group gets you prepared. Contact us or send us a message online to get information about our active shooter drills.